Laura Oliva-Rifà is a graphic designer based in Barcelona. With an interest in editorial design, art direction and visual identities; she develops concepts and works for both printed matter and digital projects.

Paloma Wool, Graphic Designer, august, 2022 — current
Paloma Wool, Graphic Design Intern, january — july, 2022
Weincontro, Graphic Design Intern, july — december, 2021

ELISAVA School of Design and Engineering, Master’s Degree in Editorial Design, 2021 — 2022
Idep Barcelona, Escola Superior d’Imatge i Disseny, Postgraduate in Future Management, 2020 — 2021
Idep Barcelona, Escola Superior d’Imatge i Disseny, Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design, 2017 — 2021

Editorial design, digital platform, website.
1/3 Final Master’s Degree Project.
Designed during my master’s degree in Editorial Design studies at ELISAVA.

Designed with Carolina Arce.
Tutored by Camilo Roa and Javier Pereda.

Nominated for the Elisava Masters Awards.
Mooore is a digital quarterly publication that showcases curated projects, articles, essays and conversations focused on diverse ways of excess in contemporary society expressed through art and design. With each issue, we delve into a different kind of excess to give visibility and exhibit innovative projects and people coming from various areas of the world that seek to take advantage of the overconsumption we are now used to, contributing in a hopeful and useful way with the idea of mobilizing and raising awareness about the problem of the current excess, connecting disciplines and encouraging mutual learning promoting a change in the creative industry.

Manifesto For Maintenance Art 1969!
Editorial design, printed matter.
Designed during my master’s degree in Editorial Design studies at ELISAVA.

Tutored by Pol Pérez.
Design of Manifesto for maintenance art 1969! By Mierle Laderman Ukeles. “The Maintenance Objects” is a compilation of collections of objects that refer to the actions in the IDEAS section, section C. of the Ukeles manifesto; (clean your desk, wash the dishes, clean the floor, wash your clothes...). This is a fictional exhibition that tries to expose once again Ukeles’ work by using the key objects from one of these specific actions to display the manifesto engraved on them, just as Ukeles used them to create a sculpture from maintenance objects exhibited at the Queens Museum of Art, New York. It is an ode to the most invisible everyday objects that help to maintain and expose them as works of art, so that they become part of the foreground, as they are always behind the scenes. Following the concept that Ukeles used to present her manifesto, “my working will be the work”, elements that are part of the design process are used instead of creating a design as final art itself. The design work is based on what happens before the final design or behind the scenes of the process. See the original manifesto here.

This Is Not Just a Poster
Experimental poster, editorial design, printed matter.
Designed during my master’s degree in Editorial Design studies at ELISAVA.

Tutored by Mark Bohle.
A series of three experimental and collaborative posters designed during one of the workshops of the Master’s Degree in Editorial Design at ELISAVA. The duration of the workshop was one week and we had to illustrate using diverse techniques such as digital, photography, manual, etc. This is not just a poster is a series of three posters using some of these illustrations which are supported by a text that explains the connection between meaning and belief. I do not own any of the text credits.

Les de la Taula del Costat
Identity, art direction, screen printing.
Final degree project designed during my bachelor's degree studies at Idep Barcelona.

Chairs photographed by Marta Jiménez.
Tutored by Bea Salas, Anna Bosch and Estefanía Aragüés.

Bronze ADG Laus Award, 2022
The brief for my final degree project was to compose something that could join design and music, so that everything followed the same conceptual base, defining the concept and applying it together with the identity to all the applications in a subtle, simple and direct way. My proposal was to celebrate the tradition of getting together with friends to tell anecdotes around a table, through a record that compiled 8 stories that we tell each other at the table, to transport the listener to that precise moment. The project was born out of the need to return to one of the most essential things for human beings that we knew before the pandemic, contact. The production consisted of cover and back cover of the album; 8 individual covers with 8 positions around the table; vinyl design; editorial design of book with the 8 stories of each song and merchandising made with screen printing.

Zeitgeist Editorial Catalog
Editorial design, printed matter.
Designed during my bachelor's degree studies at Idep Barcelona.

Designed with Alex Añor, Ana Baenas and Blanca de Puig.
Tutored by Dani Rubio Arauna and Esteve Padilla.
Catalog design for Zeitgeist Editorial which publishes reprinting of classic literary works with the respective cover redesigns. The briefing for this project was to design a graphic system using a black and white chromatic range, and to only use Times typography everywhere. To include all the pieces in the catalog, we made a compilation of all the sizes of the classic books of the collection, and we adapted the system so it would work either on a 297 x 420 mm or a 180 x 245 mm sheet. There were 18 different book sizes.

Viña Salceda
Identity, packaging.
Designed during my bachelor's degree studies at Idep Barcelona.

Designed with Ana Baenas, Blanca Campins, Ester Marse and Laia Torres.
Tutored by Xavi Martínez and Jordi Barbé from La Sixtina.

Gold ADG Laus Award, 2021.
Featured in El Millor Disseny de l’Any, 2021, Museu del Disseny de Barcelona.
Brand Manifesto — This wine is the voice of what you keep silent about. We live in a society full of limitations, norms and established rules. They impose on us how we should be and behave, how we should live and adapt to what is considered correct. Viña Salceda was born with the purpose of giving you a voice. To untie you from all obstacles and express yourself without fear. Are you going to let them silence you?

The wine as the oppressed / silenced element by the cork is our concept, we emphasize it with the claim ¡Descorcha tu grito! (¡Uncork your shout!). The typography shouts, representing the wine, that comes out of the bottle when it breaks free. The main goal was to make the new design stand out on the shelves.